Consumer Buyer Behavior

Consumer Buyer BehaviorBuyer Characteristics FactorsCulturalCultureSub-CultureTotal Market StrategySocial ClassesSocial Groups & Offline Social Networks (Word of Mouth & Buzz Marketing)Membership groups (direct influence and to which a person belongs)Aspirational groups (wishes to belong to)Reference groups (a comparison or reference in forming attitudes or behavior)Opinion LeadersOnline Social NetworksFamilyRoles & StatusPersonalAge Life stageOccupationEconomic Situation. LifestylePersonalityBrand Personality SincerityExcitementCompetenceSophisticationRuggednessPsychologicalMotivationAbraham Maslow sought to explain why people are driven by particular needs at particular times. He determined that human needs are arranged in a hierarchal fashion.1. PhysiologicalBasic needs like Water, Food2. SafetyBasic security needs like a roof under your head3. Belongingnessto belong to a community4. EgoTreat yourself to something fancy5. Self-ActualizationRealizing you're above the rest and buying that product would represent thatPerceptionSelective attentionScreen out most informationSelective Distortion Interpret information that support what they already beleiveSelective RetentionRetaining information that supports attitudes and beleifsLearningDriveStimuliCuesResponsesReinforcementBeliefs Attitude