risk management

About ROAM for Risk Management (SAFe) using 5W2HWhatStrategy for Managing Risks by SAFeWhen and WherePI planningPI Execution System DemosWhyto know more about product and projectto save coststo be more confidentto forecast possible problems HowDuring PI planning: teams identify program risksadd risks to the Program Risks areaa risk may be added, and then removed (if the team identifies a mitigation strategy)During Final Plan Review, all Program Risks are ROAMed one by one. Add additional information about the risk.ResolvedThe teams agree that the risk is no longer a concernOwnedSomeone on the train takes ownership of the risk since it cannot be resolved during PI planningAcceptedSome risks are just facts or potential problems that must be understood and acceptedMitigatedTeams identify a plan to reduce the impact of the riskwith honesty and transparency:use ROAM boardDuring PI Execution and System Demos, the ROAM Board is periodically reviewed and risks are adjustedStages (ISO 14971)identificationassessmentcontrolmitigationacceptanceresultinforming about risk managementperiodic risk reviewWhoDev and Discovery TeamsHow Manyfind the balance