Acedemic writing transition words

Acedemic writing transition wordsAdditive transitionsAdversative transitionsCausal transitionsSequential transitionssignal to the reader that you are adding or referencing informationindicate conflict or disagreement between pieces of informationpoint to consequences and show cause-and-effect relationshipsclarify order and sequence of information and the overall structure of the paperAdding InformationAlso; Additionally; Furthermore; MoreoverIn addition to; As well as; In fact; Not only…but also; As a matter of fact“Furthermore, the data shows that X is a significant factor.”“In addition to the above-mentioned study, Rogers also presents…”Introducing/HighlightingCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingParticularly; Notably; EspeciallyFor example/instance; To illustrate; In particular; One example (of this is)“Notably, only two species of this fish survive.”“One example of this phenomenon is X.”ReferencingCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingConsidering (this); Concerning (this); Regarding (this)As for (this); The fact that; With regards to (this); On the subject of (this); Looking at (this information)“Considering the amount of research in this area, little evidence has been found.”“With regards to the Blue Whale, its teeth are also the largest of any mammal.”Showing SimilarityCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingSimilarly; Likewise; EquallyBy the same token; In the same way; In a similar way“Likewise, the algorithm was applied to Y.”“By the same token, this principle can be applied to Z.”Clarifying/Identifying Important InformationCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingSpecifically; NamelyThat is (to say); In other words; (To) put (it) another way; What this means is; This means (that)“There are two factors: namely, X and Y.”“In other words, the fall of the Empire was caused by over-expansion.”Contrasting/ Showing conflictCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingBut; Still; However; While; Whereas; Conversely; (and) yetIn contrast; On the contrary; On the other hand; …when in fact; By way of contrast“However, there is still more research needed.”“On the other hand, the 1997 study does not recognize these outcomes.”Distinguishing/ EmphasizingCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingIndeed; Besides; Significantly; PrimarilyEven more; Above all; More/Most importantly“Indeed, a placebo is essential to any pharmaceutical study.”“Most importantly, the X enzyme increased.”Conceding a pointCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingNevertheless; Nonetheless; Although; Despite (this); However; Regardless (of this); AdmittedlyEven so; Even though; In spite of (this); Notwithstanding (this); Be that as it may“Nevertheless, X is still an important factor.”“In spite of this fact, New York still has a high standard of living.”“Although this may be true, there are still other factors to consider.”Dismissing an argument or assertionReplacing/ Indicating an AlternativeCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingRegardless (of)Either way; In any case; In any event; Whatever happens; All the same; At any rate“Regardless of the result, this fact is true.”“Either way, the effect is the same.”“In any event, this will not change the public’s view.”Common TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingInstead (of); (or) rather;(or) at least“Instead of using X, the scientists used Z.”“Or rather, why not implement a brand new policy?”Showing Cause or ReasonCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingSince; For; As; Because (of the fact that)Due to (the fact that); For the reason that; Owing to (the fact); Inasmuch as“Since the original sample group was too small, researchers called for more participants.”“Due to budgetary demands, funding will be cut in half.”Explaining the ConditionsCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingIf…then; Unless; Granting (that); Granted (that); Provided (that)In the event that; As/So long as; Only if“Unless these conditions change, more will need to be done.”“As long as there is oxygen, there will be oxygenation.”Showing the Effects/ResultsCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingShowing the PurposeConsequently; Therefore; Thus; Accordingly; Because (of this)As a result (of this); For this reason; As a consequence; So much (so) that“Therefore, we can conclude that this was an asymmetric catalysis.”“As a consequence, many consumers began to demand safer products.”Common TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingFor the purpose(s) of; With (this fact) in mind; In the hope that; In order that/to; So as to“For the purpose of following standards, X rule was observed.”“With the current state of pandas in mind, this study focused on preservation.”Highlighting the Importance of CircumstancesCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingOtherwiseUnder those circumstances; That being the case; In that case; If so; All else being equal“Otherwise, this effect will continue into the future.”“All else being equal, the economic impact of this law seems positive.”Organizing by NumberCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingInitially; Secondly; Thirdly; (First/Second/Third); LastFirst of all; To start with; In the (first/second/third) place“Initially, subjects were asked to write their names.”“First of all, dolphins are the smartest creatures in the sea.”Showing ContinuationCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingSubsequently; Previously; Afterwards; Eventually; Next; After (this)“Subsequently, subjects were taken to their rooms.”“Afterwards, they were asked about their experiences.”Summarizing/ Repeating InformationCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research Writing(Once) again; Summarizing (this)To repeat; As (was) stated before; As (was) mentioned earlier/above“Summarizing this data, it becomes evident that there is a pattern.”“As mentioned earlier, pollution has become an increasing problem.”Digression/ResumptionCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingIncidentally; Coincidentally; AnywayBy the way; to resume; Returning to the subject; At any rate“Coincidentally, the methods used in the two studies were similar.”“Returning to the subject, this section will analyze the results.”Concluding/ SummarizingCommon TermsCommon PhrasesExamples in Research WritingThus; Hence; Ultimately; Finally; Therefore; Altogether; Overall; ConsequentlyTo conclude; As a final point; In conclusion; Given these points; In summary; To sum up“Ultimately, these results will be valuable to the study of X.”“In conclusion, there are three things to keep in mind—A, B, and C.”