McDonald SWOT Analysis

McDonald’s SWOT Analysis InfoCEOChris KempczinskiYear founded1940HeadquarterChicago, IllinoisNumber of Employees (2018)210,000Strengths – Internal Strategic FactorsWeaknesses – Internal Strategic FactorsOpportunities – External Strategic FactorsThreats – External Strategic FactorsProducts & ServicesFast food and BeveragesCompetitorsFun FactMcDonald’s is the largest supplier of toys in the world, remember the toys that you get with every happy meal!Burger King | Chipotle | Wendy’s | Shake Shack | KFC | Chick-Fil-A | SubwayTenth Most Valuable BrandsTasty FoodMcDonald’s – A Real Estate CompanyTechnology InitiativesTechnology AcquisitionsHighest Brand Value in Fast Food BrandsImproved Quality Control and Health ProtocolsLeading quick-service restaurantThe Franchise business modelSupply chain interruptionsLack of Employee SatisfactionMcDonald’s Breakfast Menu Has Lost Its CharmCEO got firedValue MealsInnovative ProductsGlobal ExpansionRebuilding the Brand ImageMobile order and McDeliveryRisky Investments on Technology InitiativesFierce Competition from Competitors like Chick-Fil-ACultural Threat While operating in Various CountriesNew Age Fast Food TrendsConstant Environmental Concerns