make an infographic in 10 steps

Make an Infographic in 10 StepsKnow Your StoryFirst, find a narrative.Infograohic with a compelling storySimplify a complicated ideaExplain a processHighlight trendsMake an argumentAsk those questionsWhat is the goal of your infographic?Who is your target audience?Are you focusing on data or visuals?What visualizations work best with your data?Gather Clean DataClean it upUse free data sourcesWrite a Good HeadlineThe key to audience retentionAvoid ague, uninformative headlinesType of InfographicData CentricShows statistical information in a variety of charts and figuresTimelineShows information over a chronological time period, usually on a lineHow ToShows a step-by-step process or the progression of information.GeographicalLocation based infographic using maps for geographical dataComparisonCompares and contrasts two different subjects or topicsHierarchicalShows a chart with predefined levels or the hierarchy of a topicFlowchartStarts at a single point, then shows how the topic branches or growsListShows mostly text and icons, listing information about a given subjectAnatomicalBreaks down a subject’s composition, or shows how it worksVisual ResumeShows an applicant’s skills and experience using visuals and dataPhoto-BasedBased on a photo, uses text and data to explain a pointInteractiveOnline infographic that lets the viewer modify, control and explore dataChoose the AestheticColorPick contrasting colors for comparisonsUse color to highlight your most important informationSelect colors that appear in natureConsider the psychology of colorUse branded colors for marketing materials or presentationsFontUse the same font set throughout your entire slide presentationKnow the difference between a serif font (Times New Roman)and a sans serif font (Arial or Helvetica)Match the typography to your themeConsider alignmentPick the Right ChartsSelect the one that ensures yourmessage is clear and accurateFocus on Important DataKeep it SimpleInclude too much information inone single infographicToo much text or too many numbersEdit, Edit, EditClearSimpleEasy to readGet feedback from othersPromote and DistributeEmail your infographic to contacts you’ve madeSend out an email newsletterWrite a social media specific releaseCreate a social media sharing planSubmit your infographic to directories and blogsStart reaching out manually to blogs and popular Twitter accounts